Sunday, May 29, 2016

SART With Gina and Tony!

44 miles at 17.6 average on the single bikes today. Thought we would be alone today but this morning I get a text from Tony asking if we had plans to ride. I was worried about Gina as last week she suffered on the bike. So I told Tony we would be doing a slow pace. Not only for Gina but because I have been doing a lot of OT at work. 10 hour days and 8 on Saturday. Starting at 5 am weekdays and 4 am on Saturdays so I was worried about feeling toasted on the bike. I actually felt pretty good though! Tony did a few pulls so I was worried about Gina keeping up not being on the bike much lately. But man she impressed me today. No complaining, just flat out turning the pedals.

Saw Jose R., Bong, and a few of the River Velo guys riding by!

Yeah, lots of work lately but hey, lots of money and the company paid for my $125 safety shoes! Pretty nice! No steel toe but a composite that makes them lighter and more comfortable. They give me a voucher then I just go out to the shoe place and pick out a pair. Man they are comfortable. Funny but I am so excited with them ha ha!

Oh yeah! Bee sting to the head. That will explain the pic with white cream on my head logging in my Strava miles ha ha!

Bee sting to the head!

My new shoes!

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