Saturday, June 4, 2016

Exclusively Mr. Beanz Now

OK so I've stopped posting on cycling forums now. Concentrating on other things now. More on that later. But a few pics for now.

So from now on I will be posting my stories here as a log and a diary. If people and friends want to view it then it's cool. If not, then who cares?! I'm just posting of the real people I meet on the bike from now on. I'm just tired of the you must accept shit you don't like forums! ;-)

Somehow I managed to get Saturday off so we went for a ride. 44 miles with Gina and Aimee, 16.7 average.

Wow was the beach crowded today. Never seen it like this before. Supposedly a youth soccer tournament going on. Ran across Bong of River Velo (in pictures) on the return. Too fast for us! Ran across an old ride partner Mike. He rolled by as we exited Edna Park. Passed him then he stayed somewhat behind. Then he rolled up to the beach stop a bit after we got there.

This nasty rotten dude on the tandem. We rolled by them and I smiled and said hello. Then I said, "hey you should have told us it was tandem day, we would have brought ours!". I smiled then his wife smiled but he looked at me like he wanted to bitch slap me! So I said, well you aren't a very friendly guy then kept going. Oh yeah but the ass hat decided to take a wheel. Can't be friendly but the scum wants help. Fortunately the punk fell back on a little incline ha ha! I dunno, I just don't have a heart for those unfriendly cyclists he he he!

Sunday no ride! Gina said her sinuses were bothering her and she didn't feel like being out in the hot sun so we skipped the ride. But she did say her car needed to be washed. No "here is your breakfast!" no good morning dear!", just "wash my car!". Good thing my sinuses were not bothering me cause here I am out in the hot sun on a Sunday morning washing her car! :-P

The triple selfie!

Wow, crowded is the word.

Bong, the dude is fast!


  1. We thought you guys had done the 60 because we saw your truck but never saw you. Then we saw you at Edna Park. WTH! How'd you get there? Turns out (Strava Flybys) you were just about 6 minutes ahead of us traveling at the same rate but you turned in to the restrooms we usually go to but didn't. We turned around at Weir and you were still ahead. Thats how you got to Edna before us. Sorry we missed you! Beach was crazy so we didn't stay long. We had a good ride but I found that my back rim is cracked and broken at two spoke nipples. Time for a set of new wheels $-( Good to see you on the bike. Stop working so hard!!!

  2. Ha ha! Yeah it's a tricky trail! :-P Hey Ron, Gina and I will treat you to dinner on Tues or Wed night if interested. We'd take you to Spunky Steer in Chino if you would like to try it out our treat! Might pick you up about 6 pm but schedules can fluctuate a bit depending on what time Gina gets home. Hit me up!

  3. I'll have to watch your cycling adventures here, but only if you throw in a bikini once and a while. Always enjoy your stuff Mr. Beanz, you and Gina stay safe out their.