Sunday, June 26, 2016

Post Cough and Flu Ride

Gina always surprises me! She was sick all week long and didn't feel good at all. Didn't ride last week because she was so sick. This week we got a chance to ride (after 10 hour shifts all week and Saturday). Well I was expecting he to poop out about half way through the ride but she kept cranking out the miles. She got a bit tired the final 2 but hey, I was already impressed that she held a 17.2 average after being sick.

She did find a bathing suit top she could wear on the bike to even out the tan lines on her back. Always makes me happy when she wears something that lets her tan. Heck, I had no temptations to take any bikini pictures this week ha ha! Oh well, maybe next week! :-P

We did run into a few friends and regulars out there. Ran into Frank and his green Masi. Plus a couple we see out there most times. I know we were introduced but I can't remember their names. Cool people though! Come ti find out they worked in the wind together with our other buddy Joaquin.

OK, I just finished rubbing her down with lotion, let's ride! :-P

Man, this is always so annoying! The dude in the back was riding alone.We saw him about 1/4 mile ahead back at Yorba. Holding our pace we pass the guy. What does he do? He cuts off Aimee and bounces her out of position. First off, totally rude! We are a little group riding together, why ruin our system? He sucks wheel for a while then he sprints around and takes off. Sure enough he fades and we roll around him again. At least this time he was smart enough to know he was a race we didn't even know we were in ha ha! I dunno! Uninvited riders who push out your ride partners are so annoying, GTF out of the way!

Frank and his green Masi

Soaking up the sun!

I don't remember their names.

Joaquin from Team Sky! :-P

Lose those back tan lines Gina! 

Jose dressed like Greg. :-P


  1. Glad to see Gina feeling better, and you guys out riding.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey GC long time no see! We've been slacking the last couple of weeks but we'll be back out there soon! :-P