Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Ride (Jus' Me & Gina)

Not much going on but I really wanted to ride. After a 6 day 58 hour work week I had to ride! Didn't feel like it after getting up everyday at 3:30 and 2:45 on Saturdays. Really felt like staying in bed but I want to ride. I know if I don't the day will feel like a waste. So just Gina and i today. Aimee had company and did ride but with her brother and SIL. We saw them on the trail and gave them a wave! :-P

Did see a few of the regulars ride by. Alex, Herb & Alyce, Marcello & wife, Gem, Frank, Jose R. and Bad Bob!  All going the opposite way. But there weren't really many riders on the trail. Heck, heading South after Edna Park we saw maybe one other rider heading our way. Not sure if it was the wind or the holiday weekend.

Poor Gina, she was the only one around so I had to take more pics of her ha ha! My only subject today!

44 miles at 16.8 average. I really wanted to do an easy ride but with the stiff headwind it was ride or die. OK fall maybe, no dying allowed here!

OK,now let's go wash Gina's car for some bonus exercise!

                                                                   Getting warm!

The selfie!

Only ones at the coast

Gina's kissy face!

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