Saturday, July 9, 2016

SART with Gina

....and Ron, and Dixie, and Alex, and Jose, and Rick, and a few others! :-P

I managed to slip out of working this Saturday so I had to ride. Nice warm day and Gina continues on trying to even out her tan lines. Started with Jose then later ran into Ron and Dixie on their tandem at Yorba Park. We headed off together then later ran into Alex who hopped on the train. We stopped at Edna Park for a break while the others continued on. At the coast we ran into Rick. Hadn't seen him in a while. He decided to head back with us. Had a nice smooth pace going then later Rick offered to take the front. Held a good steady pace too! Gina did really well again but faded a couple miles form the end. Hey, she deserves it! Haven't been on the bike much so 44 miles at a 17.3 (Garmin)/17.2 (Strava) I was pretty happy with her ride today! Heck we were pushing pretty good toward the beach and passed quite a few guys. A few fell off even trying to hold a wheel so I got to be happy with Gina's performance. :-)

Kind of a strange day today. At the beach some dude decides to sit on the throne with the door wide open. Took a while to notice him there but he's just sitting there. OK now there are children and women around. After a bit I got irritated so I walked up to the door and said, "close the door!". He just said "oh" then swung the door somewhat closed. Door didn't close all the way so one could still see in a bit so I shouted, I should call the cops on you!". No more than 2 minutes later he exited the restroom and headed off. Pretty sure he wasn't taking a dump, but just wanting someone to notice him on the bowl, hmm! OH yeah, a little chat with Bad Bob at the coast.

Then heading back Gina needed to stop at Edna Park as she was getting pretty heated. There some woman is in the lady's restroom shouting and yelling, "Ow Oh Whoah, Wowweee!" while her ghetto guy friends are outside laughing. So she starts screaming that she's going to go out and punch the guys in the face. Umm OK! We headed out pretty quickly. Wanted to get out before the shit started flying! :-P


Ron and Dixie on their tandem (Jose behind them, that's not Dixie ha ha!)


Alex is in there somewhere! A hint of his red helmet.

There he is!

Hmm! Seemed to have dropped a couple guys!

Gina happy with a break at Edna!

Jut one of the guys who hopped on when we rolled by.

The Stranger, Rick!

Some gal playing with her boobs.

Might as well take a pic!

Bikinis are in season!

Heading back with Rick.

Over the shoulder view (Rick)

Behind the wheel view (Rick again)

Just another dude who hopped on when we rolled by.

Gina happy it's over!

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