Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mr. Miyagi Wanted His Ass Kicked Today Ha ha!

44 miles with Gina today average 15.7. Gina has been dealing with serious family medical issues for a month now and has been off the bike the whole time. So today was her return.

Stupid Mr. Miyagi wannabee ha ha!!! I've seen this dude many times on the trail riding a hybrid. One of those idiots that gets on your nerves. You pass the guy, he drafts you then sprints around. OK whatever but today he got on my nerves. The three of us were leaving Yorba Park heading South after a 10 mile warm up heading north. As I exit the park I see the guy coming so I warn Gina and Jose. So I hug the right shoulder and wait for Gina and Jose to make the turn. So I am cruising hugging the right shoulder so we stay out of the guy's way figuring he is going to pass since we just got on.

Well he passes and pulls away. But we're heading into a pretty good headwind and the dude fades. Actually surprised me cause every time I see the dude he's doing pretty good. Of course that is for a mile or so, you know, one of those one mile wonders.

So we catch up without much effort. Remember I am holding the pace down cause Gina hasn't been on the bike in a month. But he fades and we pass. Of course the guy hops on the back and sucks wheel for a mile or so. Then he sprints around which doesn't surprise me. I'm thinking yeah keep going you moron! He pulls away for a bit then the wuss fades again. I hadn't ever seen the guy ride more than a mile before. But now I have so I can see that his strength is about a mile long and that's it.

So of course once we pass the puss again he hops on the back. What a bitch! Then he sprints around again, oh GAWD! Now he's just getting on my nerves by getting in the way every mile after he fades.

So yes he fades again which is no surprise. So I roll by and give him a thumbs down ha ha! HE didn't like that at all ha ha! So he sprints by and gives me a thumbs down. YES he fades once again and as I roll by I laugh in his face and say, "you suck ha ha!".

Then he starts yelling, "I PASSED YOU 4 TIMES ALREADY AND I AM FASTER THAN YOU!!!'. Uhh yeah OK, SO as I'm riding next to the guy I tell him the only reason he passed us was because after his weak ass fades, he hops on the back, recovers then sprints around only to fade again. HE says he keeps passing us so he's faster.

Then I tell him, "if you weren't such a pussy you'd be able to hold the pace but you can't cause you suck!". Then he swears he's fast and argues blah blah blah. So I say, "you couldn't keep up with me for 10 seconds if you tried." SO he starts a sprint and I just hammer his ass for about 10 seconds and he's toast. OK stupid, if you're going to race somebody on a hybrid, you better make sure you are strong enough to back yo your big mouth.

So I pull ahead then slow down to take his picture. He really didn't like that ha ha! You can see in the picture below he is pretty far back and giving me the finger. So I slowed down so I could get a better picture ha ha! He pulls up and starts yelling stuff. I just laughed and called him a pussy one more time!

SO then he gets upset and as I am slowing so that Gina can catch back up he starts yelling at me saying he's going to kick my ass! Ummm yeah OK.

This is how stupid the guy is! He pulls ahead, stops then slams his bike to the ground. Already the guy is in a rage foaming from the mouth. Actually I think he is exhausted from trying to stay ahead of us at our cruising speed. I stop and gently lean my bike against a fence and laugh at the guy, "OK GO AHEAD!".

This dude is about half my height, twice my weight and I'm sure I can jab him in the face 3 good times before he can reach me. So this idiot runs up to me and strikes a pose. Yes you guess it! The Mr. Miyagi pose ha ha!  C'mon dude, you've got to be kidding me! He does that weird shit where he curls up his arms and places them at his waist and goes into some stupid "crane" pose ha ha! Straight our of Karate Kid ha ha!

OK dude, you realize Mr. Miyagi is a movie character right? His hands down at his waist I am sure I can't throw a straight left jab and smash his nose. He's half my height and I'd bet I can box his ears off and he would never get close to me. Not close enough to do a spinning roundhouse back flip somersault double crouching tiger kick. I've had guys pull this shit before and never fails, a quick jab to the face changes their mind and makes them question their own Mr. Miyagi skills ha ha!

Luckily for him there is an older gentleman jogger with his daughter I believe about 10 yards away. He hears the guy ranting and raving and I'm just standing there ready to react after he stops his posing. The idiot shouts, you sure you want to do this?!" and starts posing some more. I was waiting for the "Hayyy yah!".

The jogger comes up and says, "c'mon guys, don't do this!". I just laughed and told the jogger, "this guy says he's going to kick my ass so I need you here as my witness. I'll let him take a swing then after I beat his ass you can testify that I was acting in self defense protecting myself  from his Mr. Miyagi shit ha ha!".

Well the stupid idiot takes that as a chance to get back to his bike and take off! OK wait! First you threaten to kick my ass, pose like Mr. Miyagi then run for your bike when someone offers you a way out? What a dope! Man I can not count the times some idiot threatened me with Mr. Miyagi moves then decided it was best for him to run while he still had a chance.

I was happy I didn't have to deal with any legal issues but I sure was read to beat this cat silly had he really had the balls to take a swing ha ha! I'm telling you, a couple of swift stiff jabs to the face, the guy would have ran home with his tail between his legs. It's happened before and I've never even got a chance to hit them with my right ha ha!

BTW, to show you what kind of idiot this guy is, he threw his bike down and when he tried to get back on, the bike wouldn't work. Not sure if he damaged his rear derailleur or what but he couldn't get going. I rode by and shouted, stay away from us ha ha! Somebody who loses their head like that is definitely not smart enough to beat me in a fight. I don't care how Mr. Miyagi he thinks he is he he he!

So anyway, that explains the first two pictures of this Mr. Miyagai wannabee ha ha!

Jose R.

His bud Yen

Coming from behind

Yen and Jose R for the pass!


  1. I see Mr. Miyagi's problem already. He rides without a helmet and has taken too many headers off his bike. You should be ashamed of yourself, picking on a half-wit like that.

    Your pal, Bicycleman

  2. I tried to avoid him but he kept on bugging me man! I'm just glad that old due was there to diffuse the sit and give Mr. Miyagi a way out. I would have straight jabbed that big forehead of his all day! :-P