Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bikini Video

OK so this is the footage I got on Sunday's ride. I was alone so I hit the pier. There were plenty of bikinis around but just as I started the recording, some old dude came up on a touring bike and started talking bikes. I like talking bikes but he was asking 101 questions about his bike. What about his seat, what about the clamp, what about the handlebars, what about his spokes, what about his stem???? In the meantime I saw about 500 bikinis go by but I didn't get a chance to record. Grrr! Before I knew it about an hour and a half had gone by, damn! So I took what I could get and split.

All the little side shows were going on with packs of bikinis gather to watch the shows while this dude kept going on and on. One thing I do know, he bought the bike at REI. So I can see why he had a hundred questions about hit bike ha ha! I know I have never gotten a  good straight answer from them about anything bike related he he he!

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