Sunday, April 17, 2016

Windy SART, Yesterday Was NOT!

I will have a short bikini video maybe sometime Monday. ;-)

I saw several comments on Strava yesterday claiming Saturday was windy. Now it wasn't ha ha! Sunday was windy! At times in Yorba Linda I was pushing pretty good and holding 12 MPH. At one point I was holding 9 ha ha! I was alone today so I headed off for another 44 miler, ended up with 50 miles and a 15.4 average. I maybe have had about a 16.2 when I hit the coast but once I made it there I figured I would turn it to a pleasure cruise so I headed to the pier. Man that path really ruins your average ha ha!

I had my camera and my recorders but just as all the bikinis started walking by, some old dude rides up and wants to talk bikes. He asked a hundred and one questions about his new touring bike. Saddle height, saddle, HB, tire, rims questions, pretty much everything. I was glad I could help him and fill his head with knowledge but man, I missed all the bikini shots ha ha! Oh well, I need to take my camera out there one day for some real shots, This Go Pro and point and shoot I use suck as far as bikini shots. But I tried!

I did run into Bad Bob for a bit. He was going the other way while I was heading into a headwind toward the coast. I looked back wondering if he was turning around. I saw somebody way back there but could not make him out. I was trying to hold a good pace, probably 18 into the wind ha ha! Later I did recognize him as he was gaining on me. He had to be doing pretty well cause I was doing a pretty good effort. I guess that is why they call him Bad Bob! :-P

We chatted for a bit heading to the coast then he turned around and headed home, at least I think  ha ha!

So anyway I was alone today. Kind of nice to do my own thing once in a while! ;-)

A taste of the wind!

Well I used the zoom lookig for a Bay Watch style pic of the chick in the black bikini but got a lil something else! :-O

I need a basket like that on my bike!

The Big Guns were out today!

Check out that tat!

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