Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday SART

As mentioned before, I am also posting a ride journal type thread in this forum in case anyone wants to sign up and talk trash ha ha! :-P

Mr. Beanz Ride Journal (Forum Stuff)

I must say the wind scares a lot of riders away ha ha! It was supposed to be windy, seemed "a bit" windy but not as bad as I have seen it before. Wasn't all that bad really, easily hold 17 in most places. But the Strava ride titles are funny ha ha! "Super Windy Ride"  Heck, we've done rides where we can barely hold 13 pushing hard. Today around Yorba the windiest section imo was not all that bad.

44 miles at 17.5 average. Jose and I hit the trail today. Seriously my legs felt really toasty today. I did the 3 loops at Claremont Hills on Wed eve. Then I did another 2 1/2 on Thursday evening. For a grand total of like 28 or so dirt miles with 5,000 ft of gain. So yeah the legs were toasty today ha ha! I told Jose that I would hold the pace down and if I get dropped, I get dropped. Gina hasn't been able to ride during the week so instead of getting my easy stretching miles during the week, I have been pushing a little harder trying to get into shape.

So it took me about 10 miles to loosen up the legs. Later in the ride we ran into Joaquin at Edna Park. He usually hops on mid ride after we have 25 or so. He does Edna to the coast and back so he's usually fresh by the time he joins us. He'll sit in line then lift the pace on us most times. So today Jose had a plan. He said, "let him pull us ha ha!". I had no objections he he he!

Seems he tried to lift the pace a few times but we kept up no problem. After some fighting the wind it seemed his pace slowed but we just held back in line figuring if we help him, he'll try to lift the pace on us during the return leg of 10 miles. Just when we thought it was about to slow, some dude came from behind and took the front. I really don't know where he came from but he says he saw us around the wooden bridge at Edna. We must have just left the park when he saw us from behind. We had a chat at the beach stop, calls himself Don Wonderful ha ha!

So Joaquin was holding about 18 for quite some time. Then he slowed to about 16. Just when we thought we were in for an easy ride, Don Wonderful came around to the front and lifted the pace to 20. I could tell he was a strong rider so heck, I was happy to just stay at the back today and enjoy the ride. Very steady consistent rider and pace so staying in the draft was smooth. At one point he slowed on one of the uphill ramps and that's when Joaquin raced around and lifted the pace again. That's Joaquin's signature move, wait till you show a sign of getting tired then sprint around.

I could tell Don Wonderful was a strong rider so I knew he would not get dropped by Joaquin's sprint. I was worried about my legs and knowing that when I pull for 80 of our rides, he's going to shoot around when he gets a chance. I was ready ha ha so I pushed at the right ties and he didn't go anywhere.

Later when Joaquin was in front I was thinking about taking the front but I was following Jose's plan this time so I stayed back. But Don Wonderful ended up at the front again somewhere along the line doing another good pull. Btu sure enough about 1/4 mile before the end of the tail Joaquin race around and lifted the pace for one last good push. I was thinking, "poor Don, that's whack!". You know me, I never ride someone's wheel then sprint around without letting them catch their breath to recover. But that's the fun in Joaquin's ride ha ha!

Well today felt kind of funny cause as all my ride partners know, I;m at the front for 80-90% of most our rides so hanging back today felt funny. But following Jose's strategy I held back and let Joaquin do most the work. And my gosh Jose, was right! On the return Joaquin lifted the pace a couple of times but didn't do much racing. Finally about 3 or 4 miles left to go Joaquin asked Jose to take the front. Oh cool! I was thinking it would be a lift the pace blast to the finish ride. It wasn't. Jose had ridden with Joaquin many times so I guess he has him figured out ha ha!

                                    Don Wonderful - Wish I had recorded some of the ride.

I'm at the back sucking wheel ha ha!

Look at me, I'm an angel! :-P

Hmm! For a second there I though it was a Bianchi! ;-)

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