Thursday, April 7, 2016

CHWP MTB (Video Added)

2500 ft gain today on the MTB at CHWP. My usual 2 loops then some posing for the video ha ha!

A little story of a lady I met today (got hit by a motorcycle on GMR whilke riding her bike) and a short video later.

Well I'm bummed! With the 65% chance of rain I forgot but I placed the closed door on the GoPro case and it did not pick up any sound. So I totally missed Alma's story of getting hit on GMR a year ago January. She said she used to ride a lot of GMR then one day she got hit behind by a motorcycle.WOW how sad is that?! Broke her arm,her leg, 5 ribs and more. She said she felt like falling asleep at the time of the accident but was afraid to thinking if she closed her eyes she would die. She said she was taken by helicopter to a trauma center in LA. They feared her neck was broken at first. But she must be one tough cookie cause she is running the trail at Claremont. Heck I have a hard time walking it ha ha!

I will say she must be in good shape cause she is pretty fast! We started just about the same time. I was riding and she started out walking, probably to warm up. It was my second loop so I was already warm. I want to say I was tired too cause she embarrassed me ha ha!

So she's walking and I get way ahead on the bike. 2 mile climb with about 800 ft gain. I know Strava says it's a 7%average grade. Later I look down as one can see below on the switchbacks and Alma is about 2 switchbacks behind. I'm not racing her but I see her as she is wearing the bright pink hat. I'm not racing cause I don't think it's a race, no contest. Most people don't keep up, the good runners smoke me!

Later I look down and oh my she's closing in. I don't think twice thinking she will walk anyway. Later I look down and she is still closing and still running! By the time I reach the top I have one switchback left and she is really close, like 50 yards close. OK I usually try to just do my thing but she is closing in fast so I figure I will try to reached the very top before she catches me. I have like one slope left and it's the one that kills me ha ha! Well I made it with a few yards to spare. But heck, maybe she was trying to catch me for a workout. Maybe not but if we were to race off the line she would kill me ha ha!

So I did half the descent on the other side but decided to stop and shoot some video of me on the climb. Yeah I know it's posing but heck, it added another 500 ft of gain ha ha! Then I headed up toward Potato Mtn for a little more footage since there is less traffic. After I was done I headed down and that is when I ran into Alma. As I rolled by I shouted, "you're fast!". She said something so I stopped and we had a nice little chat.

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