Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pushing Myself

Had a chance to ride alone today. Gina had business and my other buds were out of town. So I had nobody to slow me down and nobody to help. I can't believe the wimpy riders out there!At one point I caught some guy that I thought might work with me. But once I started to roll by he lifted his pace and tried to match me. I'm thinking like WTF if you work with me we will both be better. But he started sweating profusely after a minute or two then dropped back and latched on my wheel. Then later I waved him to the front and he refused. He said I hope you don't expect me to help you today, my good bike is in the shop!". WTH! His bike had to be at least 3 times the price of mine. I did have thoughts of sticking my pump in his spokes at one time but you didn't hear that from me! :-P

Funny people bring up my black long sleeves on an 80 degree day. I was also wearing a  jersey today also ha ha! I don't wear it because I am cold, I wear it as bee protection. Funny, today I was riding and felt a stinging on my belly. I pulled over and some weird looking green ant looking thing got in my under layer and bit or pinched me.
I do what I can to avoid bee stings as I swell big time in the area where I get it. I was got it on the wrist and it swelled making it hard to move my wrist for a couple days. Once in the forehead and it looked like I boxed Mike Tyson! :-O

What's up with Strava? I had an 18.3 on my device and 18.3 on the Garmin site but stupid Strava jacked me with an 18.1. Oh well. I always use Garmin as my main source!

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