Friday, April 1, 2016

Mountain Bike Video By Request

This is Mario. We met last week on a mountain bike ride. He saw the recorder on my bike and asked me to make a video for him. I made 2. One for Mario that would not upset his wife and one Mr. Beanz style ha ha! I guess he watched my video and got a kick out of the slo mo but shaking ha ha! Well he asked me to make another video for him and asked me to put in the slo mo ha ha! FTR, my Mr. Beanz style video has a whole lot more views than his clean cut video. So people ask me why I do it, view count baby! I asked him if he was sure as I did not want to upset his wife but he said she was cool with it. OK!

BTW, it's a pain in the butt climbing 2000 ft in the dirt with a tripod strapped to your back ha ha!

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