Thursday, February 23, 2017

E-Nuther Local Ride

15.6 more miles with 1,329 ft of gain. I call it my 3 X 24. That is 3 times up to 24th street. Got an earlier start today so got some daylight then finished in the almost dark ha ha! BUT happy there was no rain, a bit cool though.

On my second time going I saw some chick in a car checking me out, looking at me like a piece of man meat. Car pulled over and yeah, it Gina  ha ha! :-P

Anyway, got in a decent little ride this Thurs eve. :-)

                                                                     Some daylight!

Hi Gina!

Look at the way she is looking at me! :-P

If  you're really bored, check out my Magic Show and my Rock Show! :-P

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