Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Yeah I'm Wet!

15 1/2 miles with just short of 1300 ft gain.

Yeah, I think I need a new weather man! :lol: Rain surprised me.
Gina called about half an hour before I left. I asked if she wanted me to wait for her, NOPE! She said it looked cold and like it might rain. I started out and about 2 miles into my ride, I hear somebody honk. I look over and it's Gina in her car at a stop sign heading home. I started thinking maybe she had the right idea, being nice and warm in her car listening to the radio. Oh well I headed on and later it started raining on me. Oh well, wet now so might as well finish the final 3rd loop. Go heavy for a bit at the base of the mountain but hey, once you're wet, you're wet!

Ya know, I was riding in the dark and I usually use my strobe heading down to "MAKE SURE" cars see me. I read a comment somebody made against strobes so I figured I would try the steady beam on the way  down. Two cars at an intersection waiting to cross. I approached the intersection and one started to take off. I'm very defensive so I see the car take off and swerve right till I see he sees me. I wouldn't have gotten hit, I'm prepared but it let me know the steady beam is not as effective as the strobe when you want to be seen. So pretty much, yeah, I don't care what others think of my strobe, if it keeps me alive, I'm keeping it on the 25-30 MPH descents! ;-)


  1. Good post about the strobe light setting. It is annoying to some, but it is keeping you safer on your ride. I also agree about getting wet on the ride, if caught in rain, just enjoy the added challenge.

  2. I have to agree Jimbo! Plus I only use it on my descent (2 -3 mile fast descent on wide avenue) I do use the steady beam ascending since I am not traveling at a high rate of speed and have more control of my surroundings. But the fast trip down Euclid avenue sure seems a lot safer with the strobe, sure visibility and attention of drivers waiting to cross.