Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday SART, Forgot My Camera!

Well I forgot it in the truck and did the first half of the ride without it. But I felt naked so I had to stop by and pick it up once we doubled back. Glad I did as I got some nice pics I think.

44 Miles at 17.3 average speed. Gina did not plan to ride, can't seem to shake her cough. But Alyce sent me an email last night asking if I had planned to ride. Sure, me and Jose had plans so she joined us. I wasn't expecting it but Mark and Gail also showed up at the start. I thought it was coincidence but then Alyce told me she informed them before the ride. The more the merrier!

So we all headed inland then double back at Yorba Park. We made my camera stop our rest stop so we planned to ride through and skip the our usual Edna Park stop. Last second decision I am guessing but Mark and Gail turned off at the park without us noticing. By the time we noticed, we were down the road so we just continued on, Alyce, Jose and I.

Alyce started training some time back and man does it show! She helped us with turns at the front and did very well. Once we headed back from the coast, I took the first pull to the wooden bridge heading North. After that, I moved over and let Alyce take a turn, and did she take a turn ha ha! I looked at our bridge to bridge north on Strava and the average speed for that 7 miles was 20.7, or 6. She was kicking butt!

So Alyce was up front, then Jose and I was at the back up the 3 person line. Right before the soccer fields I saw Jose shake his head a couple times. Nice and steady pace so I was not sure what was going on, Alyce was steady at the front. But then a minute later Jose shouts, "go ahead, go around!". Alyce was kicking butt so I had to go around Jose to get back on her wheel. Then Jose said he was done! :-O I thought Alyce was kicking butt but then it seemed she picked it up a bit more. I wasn't expecting that ha ha! So at this point, I just held on and let her pull me ha ha! Heck, I didn't want to get in her way so I just stayed out of the kitchen ha ha! Right after we passed Edna then I got back in front for a bit but by that time, the ride was pretty much over. Thanks for the pull Alyce. Oh, and don't tell Jose I said this, but I think Alyce killed him on the bike today ha ha!

When we arrived at Yorba Park, Mark ran into buddy he had met previously. He introduced us then when we got to the coast, we ran into each other again. His name Mohamed. He is in the background of the "Don" pics with his knee up on the planter/ Don is in the long sleeve red jerseys. I had seen Don out there for quite sometime and we have crossed paths many times but never had a chance to speak with him till last week. Friendly guy! I saw him on Strava a few times in the Fly By feature, that's how I knew his name so that's how we started talking last week.

Don (left with long sleeves) Mohamed background short red sleeves.

Hmm, I;m guessing Gail doesn't do the thumbs up thing! :-P

I chopped Jose out of the pic for an Alyce only shot!

Minutes before Jose said, "Uncle!".


  1. cool thanks for today and sharing the pics

  2. Good pics and a great day with everyone. We missed Gina and hope she gets well.