Saturday, March 18, 2017

41 miles at 16.6 MPH average speed. Saw Ron and Dixie at the start, then again at the coast for a little, well a long visit ha ha! The legs really cool down then it's hard to get started again. Nice day but seemed to be getting a bit chilly at the coast. Alex stopped by too!

Good stiff headwind on the way to the coast. I really didn't think Gina would ride today. Last couple of days she had been complaining about a stuffy nose. But she did really well today. A few times she would pass me on the little hills ha ha! She didn't even looked tired today. On the way to the coast she wouldn't shut up though. She was talking about all kinds of stuff so I was like, "Gina, shut up, save your energy!". Maybe she didn't need it though cause she passed me up a few times ha ha!


  1. Ha...Ha.... I have a cycling buddy like Gina.... Will talk throughout an entire ride....never seems to wear him out though :-)

  2. You still getting out there! Good for you!
    --John aka OcTico