Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Local Solo

Tonight was another 15 miler with  1,273 feet. It was real nice to be able to ride with some daylight. I did wear my ankle bands, front and rear lights but it was't dark enough to appreciate them today but hey, it's all good.

I totaled up my rides for the year so far:


11 rides on SART

7 rides on the road from home.


                                                3rd time up to 24th street. Getting shady!

My ankle bands, both feet. NO, I will never shave my legs!

Look Ma, no hands!



  1. Hey Fred, Frank here. Hope all is well. I rode Sart this afternoon. The homeless situation is SO bad now, they moved a bunch of camps over to the Angels stadium. It is like a gaunlet of homeless, dogs everywhere, thugs roaming the trails, it is out of control. The homeless never bothered me, but the thugs walking about looks like a prison yard. Have you had any trouble on the trails lately?

  2. Hey Frank! Yeah, I don't have a problem with homeless people personally but this is getting carried away. Not any specific problems but wow, these guys have no respect or consideration for anybody. They toss chairs, junk and whatever else in the center of the bike lanes intentionally I'm sure. Had a couple of guys just sit down right in front of us as if challenging us. I don't see these guys as down on their luck type homeless people. More the thug trouble maker types. Like the guy that tried to scare us last summer when we rode by (Me, you and Mike). Nothing having to do with down on their luck types, more the escaped from prison types if you ask me. Yes, that whole area is an obstacle course now, and growing! :-(