Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday SART with Gina and Aimee

44 miles 16.3 average on my old Cannondale. Nice day for a ride! Started out a bit cool and looking like rain but I had faith in the forecast. It did turn out to be a nice day!

One thing I like about Aimee, She doesn't play games. She flat out told me when she started riding with us, she could not change a tire and that is why she wanted to ride with us. No, I think you are cool, no I think you guys ride well, no I think Mr. Beanz is the bomb, just flat out, "I want to ride with you guys cause I can't change a flat ha ha! So she noticed her rear tire was worn so she brought along a new tire so that we could swap it out. We were rewarded with some fresh Alaskan salmon, 4 pieces! She said that was my thanks for swapping the tire. I told you, Mr. Beanz accepts gifts ha ha!

We did the first 7 to Yorba then ran into Mike at the park who tagged along with us for the remaining 37. He did a total of 58 today. Did see Greg out there with his finger to nose salute. Herb and Alyce, and a few other familiar faces today.

 The new tire. After I installed it, Gina turned to me and said, "that wasn't bad!". Not sure but I think Gina thinks in her mind that she was the one who changed the tire ha ha!

Aimee said it was so pretty she didn't want to ride it  worried it would get dirty!

Spring is here......but we really didn't need that guy's face in the picture ha ha!

Poor Aimee, a minute or so after this, she got the bee kiss on her leg, OUCH!

Gina pulling the B Train!

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