Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wed Local Ride

Out of town for the weekend so my mileage sucks so far this month ha ha! So today I had to do a little longer midweek ride. 23.8 miles with 2,021 ft of gain. Hit 24th street about 5 times, across 21st down Benson then back up. Going down Euclid is all To' up so going down sucked. So I changed a little bit, oh well, I got in a ride!

Well mostly a nice ride. I was riding down a section of Euclid when a small stick from a tree fell and whacked me on my nose. Ouchie! Kind of stung a bit. Then on the next round, I was on that same section when a BIG section of a branch fell and whacked me across the face ha ha! THAT got my attention. I was somewhat in shock for a couple seconds wondering what had just happened. The thing was about 12 inches long. :-O

Nice day for a ride but heading uphill into the wind kind of sucked ha ha!

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