Saturday, April 22, 2017

SART Saul & TBennett With Gina and Aimee

44 miles @ 16.2 MPH average speed with Gina and Aimee. Well today was a nice day. Started out warm but cooled down a bit near the coast. Again, a headwind but not a killer headwind like the last couple of weeks.

Saw Ron & Dixie at the start but they had to jam having plans later in the day. Later we ran into TBennett (hope I spelled it correctly). This guy is cool, always a pleasure to meet for a chat. We talked about our Cannondales, the Deep V strong wheel suggestions I offered up years ago, and his kids who are now growing up quickly. I won't give too much info on the kids but one is on his first date tonight! It's OK, as long as he rides his road bike with his Dad, he's still a cool dude ha ha! I remember meeting his kids years ago. Man, I am guessing they were like 4 years old. I met them one day and boy they were excited to meet Mr. Beanz ha ha! See, some people appreciated my pictures ha ha! We need more good kids like that! :-)

At Edna Park we ran across 3 dudes. One was pretty friendly with a greeting. I had seen his ride partners before on the trail but never really met. So then later we ran into the friendly dude again at the beach stop. We started chatting a bit then he says he recognized me from the trail. We had a few quick words as his partners rolled out. But I did talk him into a picture with his bike and a short video greeting. His name is Saul and the other guys were his brother and father. Maybe next time, we meet them too, and......take  picture! :-P

Bad day with the recorder ha ha! I saw like 4 people go by I wanted to get but missed them all as they were one right after another and took me by surprise.

I did get Ron and Dixie rolling the opposite way, T. Bennett, and Saul on the video.

                                                                   Almost to Yorba Park

Hmm, this dude left the park just as we did. He took off rather fast but later we caught him so he hopped on the back for a while. He hung for a while but then fell back somewhere,

TBennett and his cool Cannondale 

Saul at the beach stop

I was getting tired so I let Gina take the front for a bit

What whaaaat! 

Inline skaters out today!

On a tandem with her hubs. But honestly, do we really care what he looks like, ha ha!

Lots of little kids out today!

Good news, drought must be over. They turned the showers back on after like 2 years!

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