Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Chapel Of The Wild Wood Local Ride

Well I remember it by that name though I think it has changed. Pretty good little climb at the top of Euclid Ave. I rode up San Antone, across 24th then up Euclid to Mtn Ave. 800+ feet in 4 miles or so, good little gain. After nearly 90 miles this weekend I was worried about doing it but now it seems a bit more tame than going straight up SA with that 17% at the top. The chapel hit 12%, maybe 13 at one point but didn't seem as rough as I remember it. Jut a bit longer than SA.

Anyway, about 13.5 miles with near 1,200 ft gain. Nice little workout. The thing that makes it hard is being straight out of our doorstep, no warm up, just climb ha ha!

Made a video about it ha ha!

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