Sunday, April 23, 2017


44 miles with Aimee at 16.3 MPH  average speed. It was freakin' windy today! The forecast when I got home said 16 MPH winds but it felt stronger once we got near the coast. I was pushing hard and doing only 13.5 MPH into the wind on the last couple of stretches.

I had planned to go easy today but felt pretty good so I just went with it. At Enda Park heading into the wind we still had a 16.0 average. I figured we could keep up the 16.0 and cruise back easily and top yesterday's 16.2 average.  All was well till we hit the soccer fields then BAM! I think we dropped to a 15.5 by the time we hit the coast. Luckily the tailwind back helped us big time and without too much effort, we pulled in a 16.3 today.

Gina's son showed up on our doorstep today about 8 am unannounced. So there went her ride plans. She ended up staying home with him or a visit.

I did see Tony and his buddy roll by. Later we saw Greg and Bad Bob. I managed to catch them on video. SO maybe I'll mess with the clip later and see if I an come up with something goofy to do with it ha ha!

BTW, why do people riding think you want to race them every time you pass them? Today Aimee and I rolled by 3 people on hybrids. Looked to be a family of 3. Father, mother and a 16 year old kid (guessing age). Saw them about 1/2 mile ahead somewhere back around Tustin Ave. Later we passed them right at Lincoln. I was polite, rang my bell, said onyerleft then made the pass. 10 second later, the lady shouts, "C'mon let's GO!!!!". Her hubby blows by, she blows by then her teenage son. Um OK! Aimee and I were doing about 17 maybe. Her son blows around us then pretty much cuts me off then slows to 14 blowing his wad withing 30 yards or so. OK, if you are going to slow that suddenly, don't cut in front of somebody. He could have taken us down with that stupid move.

Mom gets a bit further then fades. Um OK! We just kept our pace then ended up rolling by her while she's gasping for air. I just kind of looked at her like, uhh yeeeah OK! I know Aimee is competitive so if I had said let's blow by them, she would have. But what for? It's more entertaining keeping the same pace then watching them fade looking like a fool when they can't even hold the same pace they saw first time around when we passed. Father did a little better. He got about 3/4 of the way down the Lincoln stretch. He started bopping and bouncing around so I knew he was tired. We rolled up on him like nothing too, once he faded. Then he hopped on the back. I thought about lifting the pace just to blow him off Aimee's wheel but I just let him hang. Sure enough, a minute later he was dropped.

After the were gone, Aimee and I just looked at each other like WTF was all that about?  I don't know, just can't figure out these fools ha ha! Wish I had caught it on video.

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