Saturday, April 29, 2017

Windy Ride and A Homeless Fire :-O

I heard it was going to be windy. Alyce sent me a text this morning saying the gusts were about 50 MPH. She was right! 44 miles (15.8 average) with winds like that is no joke. At times I looked down and noticed I was doing 9 MPH into the wind ha ha! Good thing I had Jose with me today so we could practice the buddy system. He looked pretty strong today so it was a big benefit having 2 guys today. It was just Jose and I, Gina went into work to catch up on some of her managerial responsibilities. I think she's a little smarter than us two ha ha!

Ran into Louie riding his Sikad Ride (organized ride). Stopped to say hello for a bit. He invited the two of us to join his feast at Yorba Park. That was nice of him but we had just started and if we had chowed down after 7 miles, we would have rode back then went home ha ha! Thanks Louie, for the invite!

Yes, the homeless are at it again. No rules, no laws, a free for all with free food, loose running dogs, crack hoes roaming the grounds and today a fire. When I arrived, there were a few firetrucks and plenty of firemen out the putting it out, chopping down trees etc. Wow, I guess more money for the taxpayers to foot the bill so the druggies can live in a free for all zone.

I'm actually happy figuring the stadium has money and some pull to get rid of the scum that has been attracted out there. No, again, I don't feel sorry for these bullies, punks, and drug addicts. maybe 2 or 3 out of the bunch, but the rest are scum and chose to be scum! Like the guy we ride by with like 75 tattoos on his face. I'm supposed to feel sorry for him so he can do drugs, bully people and spend his money on drugs, and throw dirty looks at cyclists riding by. Yeah, idiot, if he had spent that money on a place to live rather than decorating his face with garbage, he might have a place to live right now. OK, not really, I'm sure the scum would have spent it on drugs.

A taste of the wind! As you can see, not many riders out today ha ha!

I did get a coupe gals on video but really, the GoPro sucks for still images imo.

My crusty sweaty head after the ride ha ha!

Camera, not a Go Pro still.

Yay, burn the freaking place down so somebody does something about that mess out there!

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