Sunday, April 16, 2017

SART Easter Sunday with Gina

Well just me and Gina today. 41 miles, windy miles, again! I could feel the wind blowing like yesterday. Not sure which was worse. But today Gina looked very strong. On the way to the coast she asked me if I wanted her to take the front knowing it was windy. She said she would give me a break for a bit. Wow ha ha ha! That's more than most the guys I ride with. They will hide at the back and avoid taking turns into the wind if they can ha ha! Gina stepped up but I told her it was OK, I wanted her to have energy for the return.

She did have some energy! Heck she rolled right on by me a few times and up some of the little ramps. She did very well so I can't complain. NO falling behind, no lagging, no calling me bad names, another good day ha ha!

Well, other than the homeless dogs running across the trail in front of a bunch of riders, and us!

Gina bird watching

This is the bird she was watching. Pretty colorful seagull! :-P

No ordinary seagull

I tried for a pic of my Ultegra label on the hub while rolling. OK not really, but I got it!

Gina dropping me again!

Not into tats but I told ya, Summer is coming!

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