Sunday, April 9, 2017

Much Nicer Sunday!

Another 44 miles (thanks for the heads up Ron! I had originally typed 4 miles. Ron sent me a message said, wow, all that in 4 miles? Ha ha ha!) but with a lot less wind thank goodness! 16.3 average speed. Gina did really well today, so did Aimee. Ran across Bad Bob but didn't get the shot. Saw Frank out there who rolled by us somewhere in Yorba. I managed to get a shot of him after he rolled by and dropped us!

Steve at the coast for a visit. Guy still riding and racing his inline skates at 77 years old. Wow. I hope I can still ride when I get that age, I'll be really pleased with myself. Great job Steve! He told me a few stories about his races and fast downhills at 40 MPH with no brakes and an opened road course. Dude must have nerves of steel riding in traffic racing at those speeds! :-O

A little tale of the inconsiderate homeless aholes out there. Yes, I believe some are down on their luck but as mentioned, most of them are just bullies and punk drug addicts out there for a free ride not having to follow any rules or obey laws that the rest of us have to follow. So riding through the area, there are people just sitting in the middle of the bike lanes. Ring the bell, shout out politely, they don't care. They look at you like F you! There are even lines painted on the grounds by authorities in an attempt to keep them back off the trail. They don't care!

So we ride through, loose dogs, extension chords, one guy even lifted the chord neck high as we were approaching. Idiot! At the Katella underpass, there is even a workbench wooden horse type fixture blocking half of one lane. No reason at all, nobody working on it, for what? Just to be ass holes!

So these inconsiderate low lives (not all, but many) leave their crap there just to be assholes. Not to mention kicking rocks and glass onto the trail hoping to flat the tires of passing cyclists.

Annoys me but I make it through. Then I get to the beach stop and chat with Steve. Yes, the 77 year old inline skater. He told me that he avoids the area now. One day he was skating down that way. Someone had kicked a bunch of rocks and dirt onto the trail. He was skating by, hit the rocks and took a dive. What do the homeless do? They start clapping, cheering, and laughing because he fell! How low life is that? Poor people just looking for a better life, right!

So on our return, I am riding with Gina and Aimee through the area. Strava will show we cross paths with 150'ish riders so it's not like it's not a traveled trail. We approach the area and some punk hops off his skateboard and leaves it right in the middle of our lane. I ring my bell, avoid the asshole with his bike flipped upside down, working on it in our lane, see the guy about 30 yards ahead, ring my bell and really didn't notice the skateboard till Gina shouted, "watch the skateboard!". It was in the shadows of a tree and being grey in color, I did not see it. 10 yards away I finally see it and shout for the guy to move it. We were moving slowly at this point, maybe 10 MPH. The guys just looks at me!

OK bitch, want to play that way? As we roll by, I unclip, perfect shot, I get my foot under his skateboard on the roll and flip it up off the trail and it goes flying into a tent. OK, now I got his attention! We just keep rolling and he starts shouting. I couldn't hear what he was saying but really, keep your crap off the trail and that wouldn't have happened. Aimee said he was shouting something like I can't believe you did that blah blah blah!

The way I see it, I can't believe he would do something that dangerous to cyclists. I had 2 women with me you punk, you could have hurt me, or worse the women that were riding with me. Keep your shit off the trail and I won't bother it!

                                                Fabulous Frank for the "Pass and Drop"!

Mike and Joaquin


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