Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Ride

More pics for now, video still to come at a later time, busy day today.

36 miles with Gina and Mark. Lots of people and I managed to get a few pics here and there. Couple for now, busy night ahead will post more later. :-)

I have to review the video footage but I may have one scene that may be well worth watching when it's done he he he! :-P

Oh darn! I tried to post it here but it looks grainy in full view. This girl has a banging body. I'll have to youtube it I guess so the dudes can appreciate the full view. anyway this will give you a small preview. Regular speed, 1/2 speed then 1/4 speed. Pleas do not watch if you are offended by big beautiful full size jiggling singing swaying bewbies!

                I tried to fit the video in a ride video but it just does not fit so here it is in high def!


                                                      This is the chick in the video!

                                      Hot day, had to get something cold to drink after the ride.

                                                                   Gina's Star Spangled!

                                                            Refreshed after a cold drink

                                                      Heat stroke losing her mind!

                                     Bad Bob and Gina getting scolded in the back ground ha ha!

                                                           Mark's cycle chat!

                                                               Must be a new skate dance!

                                                    Guy's scalp prolly going to get burned

                                                                  Pam Anderson?

                                                                     Nice firecrackers!

                                               Even the old chicks were showing cleave!

                                            That's got to be uncomfortable, the bike I mean!

                                Not enough cushion, the bike I mean! See shirt wrapped on saddle?

                                                       Nice package of fireworks!

                               I was a mannequin in a  past life. I'd stand like this all day in a window!

                                                               Star spangled bewbs!

                                   She has some funky baggy shorts, so I just cropped them out!

                                                                Nice riding shoes

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