Friday, July 25, 2014

Some Scary Azz Strava

I like Strava, I like to compare our times to others but there are some stupid scary azz segments.

First the stupid segment. From the top of Euclid, one mile long MINUS........-4% grade, totally straight shot.Why the stupid segment!? I can do 30 MPH without pedaling, big deal! If I can do 34, does that make me a skilled downhill mountain descender?

OK, so the stupid segment part is over! Now the stupid cyclist part! I have been riding up and down this road since 1995. Those who have been on the road know the section by the chapel is steep as you know what! But you will also know that it's a super fast downhill with curves and lots of blind spots. I've descended the section right above 24th street man many times. I know it is FAST! I know there is a stop sign at the bottom. I know you can not see traffic coming form the right, houses and a gas station. I know you can not see traffic coming from the left because of the fire station and little building. I know there are always cars there. I know there are a total of 6 stop signs in that little section  from all directions and there are always cars approaching and departing constantly. I know if I ma doing 20 mph, it's way too freakin' fast to approach that stop sign. I know after that fast downhill section above 24th street, it's freakin' hard to stop if you don't slow down way before approaching the intersection.

I was viewing the segment just below this area wondering what kind of person would consider that a segment when I noticed the high speeds and averages on that section. So I looked at one of the top riders then did the "analyse segment". Wow, these friggin' idiots are blowing the stop sign on 24th street at 36 MPH!!!! That means they aren't even attempting to slow down! Viewing other riders and analyzing, you can see they stopped or even slowed way down.

Top it off, one of the top morons has a bike shop listed in his handle. Way to represent ha ha! Reminds me of a shop that once had several affiliated riders complaining about stupid drivers only to later see their shop vehicle blowing several stop signs through the middle of town.

Wow, the uppers section of this road is a FAST down hill and to blow the stop sign? I hope none of these idiots get themselves killed! Of course it will be the driver's fault!

No I am not "anti cyclist", I am, as how the Mighty Hillbasher once put it, I am "anti stupid"!

Google maps was quite generous to post an image without 3 or 4 cars at the stop signs here. But you can see a semi getting read y to exit the gas station driveway. Semis sometimes park there as well, more visual blockage.

Although image does not show the usual traffic at the stop signs, you can see constant approaching vehicles. (red circles), and semi leaving the gas station.

                 I forgot a direction arrow but a rider would be flying down from the top of the image.

In this Strava analysis you can see the guy is doing 36 mph. No way can he do 36 at the start of this segment without blowing the sign. At 36 MPH you can't see squat at this intersection!

Note the difference in speed at the beginning of the segment (s)

OK,not this guy shows 8 MPH at the start of the segment which is correct if he stopped or even slowed down for the stop sign! More than likely would have had a better time on the segment if he had just blown the stop  like the previous idiot!


  1. Hey Mr. Beanz, good work on this article. I Like it.

  2. Thanks Jimbo, didn't mean to scare ya! :-P Just be safe out there and remember, no record is more important than staying alive! :-)