Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gina Riding Strong!

Nice little comeback, Gina's been riding strong. She set a gang of PR's on her Strava today. 44.6 miles @ 16.1 average. Today we rode with Aimee and Jose. Dark day but a little warm but not hot. Ran into Alan and Tammy along the way as well as Alex at the coast. Mark stopped by our loading zone after we were finished with our ride. He was just starting, wow pretty late ha ha! Bet he's going to get some real fun headwinds! Just a few pictures.

                                                            Heading to the coast

                                                   Gina was really concentrating today!

                                                               Mad Man Alan

                                She was worried about somebody seeing her chipped finger nail polish!

                                                           Alex and his "ICU" pose!

                                                            Jose in bike shorts???!!!

                                    I'm not sure why but Gina was growling at the camera ha ha!

S'posed to ride Sunday but got lazy and didn't feel like getting out of bed. So I washed Gina's car instead.

                                             Putting on the final touches, looks good to me! :-P

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