Sunday, July 13, 2014

Anudder Ride Today

Another 36 miles today at a 15.6 average. Gina felt a little more tired today and I was thankful for that cause I was too ha ha! Yes honey, I will slow down for you he he he! She did very well though, a few more Strava PR's. One including a 3 mile segment at 18.9 average. Excellent for Gina since she isn't even anywhere near close to form. When she is, we'll see all those numbers climb. Just hope I can keep up with her ha ha!

Pretty cool! Just looking through Gina's Strava and on the 10mileTT segement, she's 180 our of 568 (17.9 average) women...without even trying! :-)

On the 5mileTTnorth she has a 19.0 average. #247 out 858.

Only Gina and I today, not sure what happened to Jose. No call no message just a no show. So we waited around for 20 minutes then left. Felt windier today, either that or I'm just getting that old! But it was nice to ride alone with Gina. Ran into Julie at the coast, she's the monster mileage lady that did 15,300+ miles last year.  Jack, the 82 year old dude still riding. This dude was SUPER fast on an upright 17 years ago when we started riding. Averaged 24 mph from Edna Park to the coast with his son. Then Bob and Greg trying to sneak up on my camera. I caught Bob bud Greg slipped by.

I just love Gina's back. Nice freckle patches he he he!

                                                                         Nice sail boat

                                        Gina looking a little gritty and schweatty after the ride

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