Saturday, September 12, 2015

GMR...To Cow Canyon Saddle

41 miles to CCS 4806 ft. We had plenty of water so what's the sense dropping down into the village? Ha ha! Mike and I hit the saddle while the others turned back at the shack.

Pretty cool deal this Duane and Rosanna Morrison free SAG Support on GMR. It's like a water station out in the middle of nowhere and where it's need the most! I actually met Duane up here a couple of weeks ago. He said in my video if I logged onto Facebook and looked up SDR insurance, they would say whether or not they would be up here on certain days. Well I had plans to hit the village today so I logged on last night about 10 pm and said wassup! ha ha! They had not posted anything and I knew the support was critical on this day figuring it would be hot. Thankfully they responded and said Rosanna would be up there! Thank goodness! I met and spoke with Rosanna at the shack, she told me that someone had asked on FB and I was like, "yeah, that was me!". Free but they do accept donations and heck I have provided support for rides before and I know it ain't cheap and I do know how much it helps so heck yeah we'll throw in a few bucks! Helped us a ton on this day. Great thing they do for us fellow cyclists! She also gave me a free sample of a Power Bar asking for a review. Good stuff! Not to mention she is the cheer and welcoming committee up there. She rings cow bells as riders approach the shack ha ha!

Did run into Matt, GMR, and met their friends Joan and Mike (hope I got names right, memory is not good while lacking oxygen ha ha!). Seemed like nice people so hey, smile for the camera. GMR always a pleasant visit as well as Matt. Always something good to say that Matt! :-)

Well Jose and Joaquin made their second journey to the shack and actually did it a little easier this time. Improvement! Ed did the climb for the first time. He said it was hard but he made it! Mike and I hit Cow Canyon Saddle. That was our plan and with the support, we had enough water to avoid the drop down to the village. I hate that little climb back up so if I can get away with it, I will ha ha! Mike did even better this time than last time so even more improvement on the day!

Jose, Joaquin, and Mike

                                                           Eduardo at the back

                                                      Joaquin and Ed at the shack.

                                          Short stop and a Power Bar before the tough part.

                                                 My bike at Cow Canyon Saddle

                                               Mike and bike! Looking back at the road.

                                                                 Support people!


                                                              Matt and GMR


                                                   The welcoming committee!



                                                        Mike (hope I got  that right)


  1. Hey Mr. Beanz, thanks for the info about SDR Insurance SAG at the GMR shack. You are right about a water station very much needed up there. The only other water available near by that I know of is about 6 miles away at Camp Williams Resort, down on East Fork road. Baldy Village is twice the distance and mostly uphill. Ha ha.

    1. I've done the Camp Williams thing. This ice cold water stop is so much better ha ha! :-P