Thursday, September 10, 2015

In The State of New Jersey

Well having a new jersey ha ha! People keep telling me that I need a new jersey. Mainly Bad Bob and Gina. I dunno but a few snags and stains ain't no big deal to me. Gina saw this jersey at Performance yesterday for $24 so she picked it up. Hey, you want me to have a new one, you buy it ha ha!

Just  a few months ago some dope on the trail said I was not a real cyclist because I wore psychedelic Performance jerseys.  Uhhh OK! Anyway, I also have two bright orange jerseys coming in the mail for GMR rides as I plan to get up there more often now.

Real cyclist or not, I just can't get into the logo advertising stuff. I'd just want tot be seen ha ha!

Anyway, for you guys that keep bugging me about New Jersey, I'm here! :-P But I really don't see anything wrong with the old ones, few stains, few snags, seams coming apart, look perfectly fine to me ha ha!

I'll have my colors back real soon! GMR time!

Did manage a little 12 miler this evening on the tandem.

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