Sunday, September 13, 2015

SART Sunday

Nice recovery ride after a hot day on GMR. It's real tough to do a hard ride then ride the tandem the next day, and vice versa! So sorry Gina but you're on your own today ha ha! She did really well though. 16.4 (Strava) and 16.5 (Gamin) average over the 44.2 miles and 93 degree average heat. I'm starting to like Garmin's numbers a little more ha ha!Ran into Gem, Ron and Gil at Yorba Park. Had a nice little chat. I should have a short chat video sometime soon.

OH AND GREAT NEWS! I was informed by Ron & Dixie yesterday that the detour is no more and the trail is open at that section, Yeah Baby no more detour! :-)

Started with Mike, Gina and Jose. I pulled the first 25 miles then after that, I moved over and let the others take over! Joaquin did the pull on the way back to Edna Park. Nice steady pull at 20.4 for the 7 miles.

Video chat with Gem, Ron, and Gil. The second time I did Ride Around the Bear, I saw Gem on the ride. I asked if he has done it again since then, He says once was enough! :-P




                                            Gil on the back rode with us for a while.

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