Tuesday, September 22, 2015

No Riding....VEGAS!

OK so I am not a gambler at all. But Gina likes to play the slots. I can't eat buffets anymore so being there like 3 days was almost torture ha ha! But Gina had a good time, that's what counts. Stopping at the Alien Jerky store on the way home is more exciting for me. I had a chance to pick up more t shirts and now I can say I have a new wardrobe ha ha!

Well the day we were leaving we headed up toward the freeway and caught a pic of Charlie riding his bike ha ha!

Bus top tour of the strop and down town. Nice break after walking like 10-20 miles per day.

People often think Gina doesn't know that I accidentally capture girls in the back ground. Here she was going to take my pic then said, "hold on." Then she took the pic and after told me she saw the girl with the boobs waling up ha ha!

As luck would have it, same girl happens to have a nip slip a couple minute later and my cell cam just happened to capture it ha ha!

Wow, the NY NY room was half the price of the Gold Nugget and ten times nicer. :-P

View from our room overlooking the strip.

                                               My favorite past time in Vegas ha ha!

New wardrobe. Couple of alien t's and a Hard Rock Cafe.

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