Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Little Tandem Eve Ride

Dang it! Heard a little tick in the tandem so trying to figure out what it was I tightened a pedal ans sure enough it tightened down. I went to tighten the opposite side and BAM! the pedal is stripped. Not sure if I over tightened it but who cares, now it's jacked!

I ended it up taking it to my buddy's shop. Mark's Bicycle Shop on Carnelian and Baseline. I've known and followed Mark for years as a mechanic, only dude who touches my bikes after having bad experiences with the other known shops. Ends up saving me lots of cash by placing a heli coil into the crank arm. Much cheaper than a tandem crank set! Anyway, the dude helps me on the spot. I guess Mark is that way with his loyal customers, going out of his way to please them! I know a shameless plug but hey, it's MARK!

What was also cool was that while we were stopped taking a stretch break, some dude walking by asked if we were OK or if we needed help. Nope, just taking a  break thanks!

Then a minute or two later, a little white car drives by then circles back. It's a little car form Don's Bike shop. The dude drove up and asked if we needed help. Nope, just taking a break thanks! He said cool, just wanted to make sure we weren't stranded or anything. Big Thanks to Don's bike shop too! cool! ;-)

So we got in our ride and everything seems to be fine now. 13 miles with nearly 1000 ft gain and nice fresh cool evening air!

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