Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hot But Better!

Much better today. Aimed for a 35 miler today after yesterday's taxing bike bake ha ha! A better 16.3 average over yesterdays' struggle to hold 14. Tried to hold the pace down today for a few reasons. Aimee was on vacation and hasn't been on the bike for 5 weeks. Plus we were using it as a recovery type ride after a rough ride yesterday. We did run into Fabulous Frank today at the coast. Joaquin showed up and rode back with us after his ride on GMR yesterday, to the shack.  Gina felt much better and so did I. Of course we started an hour and a half earlier which made a difference and it was about 12 to 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. Only 91 average today compared to yesterday's 103.

I did wear my pretty in pink jersey today ha ha! A little more snug fitting than my usual Performance club cut jerseys but it worked. Gina said it looked good so it's all good! I posted the pink jersey pic on my Facebook. I had one comment that might have been questionable but 90% of my friends on FB are relatives. My cousins have been big supporters of the Relay For Life cancer walks and activities. They have been in a few newspapers as one of the big fund raising teams. In total I'm guessing over $60,000 raised for the cancer society. So I might get one questionable comment but I have 2 really close cousins who are cancer survivors so I have a ton of encouraging comments ha ha! So don't laugh at my "pretty in pink jersey" he he he! :-P

Funny though! Today I saw several riders I knew and waved or shouted, "wassup!". It took a few seconds for them to realize it was me as most had their attention focused on the pink jersey ha ha!



                                                                   Fabulous Frank


  1. All cyclist know that in Giro d'Italia the winner wears the maglia rosa (pink jersey).
    Scarponi, Hesjedal, Nibali, Quintana, Contador, and Beanz :)

  2. Ha ha ha, that Beanz name fits right in there! :-P