Saturday, October 24, 2015

GMR Solo and Some PR's

Few still images from the video footage for now. I will probably have a video late Sunday eve or Monday morn. ;-)

Well had to be home early for the grandsons's birthday party so I figured I'd hit GMR early. I was saddened that the support people weren't there today. IF they had been I probably would have hit cow Canyon Saddle. But with no water? No thanks! So I settled for Peacock Saddle. I think it's about 5 miles across GRR after the shack. On the way down I ran in to GMR, Bill (Mr. GMR) and Matt.

Bill always has these cool swag thingies. Today he gave me a red blinkie with GMR bike and the 2015 SDSR logo. Being involved with the sponsors of the stage race he's always got something cool. He explains it in the video I'll post later. Right now I can't recall word for word now that my brain is sucking for oxygen ha ha!

Anyway, it was cool seeing these  cool people again. I had a chance to descend with them so I grabbed a few clips of them on the DH. Including a couple of their friends.

Overall it was a beautiful day for the climb. Started out cool and finished with  perfect weather. I was happy as it allowed me to set 15 climbing PR's today. Took a couple more minutes off my climb to the shack on Strava. :-)

26 miles with just about 3200 ft of climbing.

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