Saturday, October 3, 2015

So That's Why They Call Him "The Legend"

Had a chance to ride with Greg today. Now I know why they call him  "The Legend". He pulled us most of the way from Orangewood to Green River and back. The guy rides like he isn't even trying holding 20 like nothing. Very smooth and consistent. We could suck his wheel all day. He wasn't even planning on riding that way till we told him our plans for a 60 miler. Helped us a bunch, thanks Mr. Legend! :-P

We did the second half of the ride with Mike taking turns at the front. I have to say the section form Katella to the coast was pretty windy. My legs were screaming but hey, we had a good average form Greg's pull so why not try to keep it up?

We ended up with our best time ever on a longer ride. 60 miles at 17.5 average. We had to go a little bit further than our start point but the ride to GreenRiver is like 58 or 59 and 60 sure looks better in the record ha ha!

Gina received 35 PR's on Strava and I go 19. Gina also got two "5" trophies. Meaning she had the 5th best time this year on those segments. One segment was 16.5 miles and the other was 8.5 miles long ha ha!

More later!

                                                                       The Legend

                                                    Turn around point GreenRiver

                                                      Gina still smiling

                                                    After setting our best time on the 60!

                                           The couple who tandems together, stays together!

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