Thursday, July 20, 2017

Is This Not My Beautiful Wife ???

54, grandmother of  9, one kidney (donation), and still kicking out the miles on the bike. Figured I'd pot a few pics I took of Gina. For one thing, just practicing with the camera, the other, everyone sees her in a helmet so I've got to show she is not all sweat and dirt ha ha!

As we age, our hair goes white. I used to worry about it but now, sheesh! I see stripes developing in her hair and it actually looking pretty sexy in my opinion ha ha! Maybe all the cycling is paying off but I think she's still looking pretty hot !!!

OK, enough pics, let's hit the road! :-P

                                                                   I'm lovin' the grey!

I'm lovin' the white too! :-P

I love the white stripes developing in  the section of her lower hair area (left of the image)

Yes, a sign of a SoCal Summer Cyclist ha ha!

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