Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Local Cruise

14.2 miles with 1,014 ft of gain. High of 95 and average of 89 according to Garmin.

It was warm when I started but a nice little breeze made it not too bad at all! My second little climb I was a little more wet on the arms, figure it took me time to warm up ha ha! I planned a nice little spin of the legs and going up the hill was not bad. Nice gentle 3-4-5% grades. Going down Euclid was nice and cool. Going across 18th street was pretty cool but sure was windy. Thought I was on SART there for a bit ha ha!

Viewing Strava, I see I was the only one out there today. The heat? Hmm! Really wasn't that bad. Plus I wanted to warm up the legs to some gentle hills before heading up GMR this weekend.

Got this little story to add. On the way to a hospital last week, a hose bounced around on the freeway and ended up bouncing around under her car. Ended up hitting the passenger rear tire well. It actually tore off the wheel well molding!

DAMN! Checked out the part at the dealer, $160 freaking bucks for a stupid piece of plastic !?!?!

Well, it looked ugly and we couldn't keep it like that so had to pay the price. At least it was easy so no biggie clipping it on the wheel well. Of course, had to wash it too! Yeah, I know you don't care and you may think it has nothing to do with cycling, but it does! Imagine how many bike tires I could have bought on the internet for that price! :-P

No, I will never shave them!

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