Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday SART with Gina and Friends

41 miles at 16.3 with Gina today. Started at Orangewood cause Gina said it is an easier return than Katella. Hmm, OK! I think it's all mental but what can I say?

Later Ron and Dixie caught up with us so we rode together for a bit. Pretty much most of the south direction after Edna to the coast, the windy section. So it made it easier on us and I was not fussing about it ha ha! I did take a couple of turns at the front to help out the Ron and Dixie tandem team. I always feel it's just right and hate to think of myself as a blood sucking wheel leach ha ha!

Gina did very well though I was worried not having many miles in her recently. But she did great imo. She later said she was working hard but did very well.

Then we ran into Don at the coast. Ron and Dixie headed back before us. Great for us because with any kind of tailwind, Ron and Dixie would probably hold 35 ha ha and Gina ain't having that! :-P

But we did head back with Don. Gina did pretty well till the last mile or two. Don took the front but by this time Gina was pooped so he ended up slowing for us. Not having ridden much with Gina, I'm pretty sure he didn't know that when she gets pooped, she gets pooped and has a hard time making the little underpasses, well the steep ones. I kind of think he may feel cheated out of taking his turn at the front helping us out but like I said, when Gina is pooped, she is pooped ha ha!

I thought this was funny though. Gina and I were heading toward Imperial just warming up on the beginning section of our ride. I was holding it down to about 16-17. I think our average on the first 7 was like 15.6 (?). Some guy caught us about 1/4 before Imperial. As he passed he said, "wow, you guys were really hard to catch!". :-O Not being rude we just said, "oh ha ha ha!". After he rolled away and we stopped at Imperial, Gina said, "wow, we weren't even trying  he he he, just warming up!". :-P

Wearing her halter top so she can even out the tan on her back.

Uh, oh! Look who's catching us!

Poor Dixie has to peek around to be seen!

OK, I'm tired of looking at Ron. Let's look at Dixie for a while! :-P

Heading back with Don

Hang loose!

Don busting out the tris!

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