Sunday, September 29, 2013

ANOTHER!!!!! Freakin' Face STING!!!!!

Ride video. Always puzzles me (2:25 into the video). The 4 of us are maintaining a consistent pace. We roll up on some dude having a hard time into the wind. He hops on the back to suck wheel, no problem. But after some distance the dude shoots around us and sprints his butt off. For what reason I don't know, I can never figure it out. We are not racing the dude, we aren't sprinting, we are merely holding a a pace trying to keep the 4 of us rolling together. 

This is just too funny! I guess he was trying to impress us ha ha! So the dude sprints around and holds the pace for what, 100 yards? I'm laughing telling Gina, I bet this fool turns off the trail real soon. Sure enough, he turns off and crosses over the overpass looking back at us as we roll by. Uhh yeah, look at us dude, we were killing ourselves trying to catch you but you were just like waaaaaay too much for us ha ha! I really wanted to send Aimee and Gina off to chase him down just to make him feel the foolish that he is. But I knew he'd turn off and be a waste of time and energy once he turned off.

I know I shouldn't even try to figure it out but I can't help but wonder, is it like "hey, that dude that looks like he hit the Vegas buffets all week shouldn't be able to pass me like that!" or "hey those girls can't pass me the macho man, like I'm standing still  and get away with it!". BTW, I did hit the Vegas buffets all week! ;-) But I dunno, the more I see riders like this the more I realize how insecure people are in life. Us, we do our best and if we get passed, we get passed and for a reason, the other guy is just better! 

Pretty silly but this gave me an idea. I have a buddy (Jason A) that does GMR all the time, he's #20 to the shack out of how many thousands of riders on that Strava segment? Way better climber than I will ever be but my idea is that next time he passes me on GMR, I'm going to sprint around him for 20 yards then stop and pull over and ask him as he rolls by, "How did you like that, pretty impressive hunh?". I wonder what he'll say bwahahahaha!

Can  you believe it?! 3rd one in the last couple months. The ear, inside actually, one between the eyes, and this one right below my right eye. Say good bye to my pretty face for another few days. OK, I don't really think I'm pretty and I want to make that clear cause some of you people out there take things too seriously ha ha! 10 miles into the 44 mile ride some stupid bee stings me right below my right eye. I can feel it swelling already even though we did a very quick job or removing the stinger. I can only hope that it doesn't get like the last sting (ugly pic below somewhere). Now if I could see the bees coming I might be able to swap them, I have before. But the bees that get me get me by surprise. I didn't even see this one as usual. A little tick on the face and a fraction of a millisecond later, BURN!

Luckily this time I brought along some Bendryl and some hydro cortisone cream. I heard taking Bendryl right away will help, yeah right! I'd doomed once again. Good thing is as always, I don't swell much for a good 12 -16 hours. I was teasing Gina saying their goes our night of romance but she replied, Hey, I'll just turn of the lights". See now is that a good woman or what ha ha!

So anyway we continue the ride and I'm feeling all kinds of stuff. I almost feel as if I'm going blind out of my right eye. Nope, we got to the coast, saw a couple of bikinis and  you know, my years are OK!  I'm o the front huffing and puffing thinking now the sting has got me to an allergic reaction and I can't breath. Nope, I can justify the sucking air to the buffet visits in Vegas last week ha ha! I'm OK but funny how things can play with your mind.

SO I figure my eye will shut for a couple of days but thank goodness the sun and coast were good to me giving me a few views to take in first knowing this eye won't see squat for a couple days!

First a ride pic, OK enough of that!

So before my eye swells shut I was able to take in a few sights. So there is a reason for everything, whatever                the reason bees love to chew on my face, at least I got to see something nice first ha ha!

                                      I was a bit late on this shot but still worth posting I hope ;-)

OK, now this dude's eyes are not on the road and he got away with it using the slight head turn. Unless of course his wife views my blog, then he's in big trouble ha ha! I hope he's a better rider than driver, you aren't supposed to stare at oncoming headlights!

                                                        Yes,he is definitely in trouble!

OK, a little bonus video singing and playing my guitar. Might sound funny but if I keep getting stung in the face, I just might give up the bike and pursue my guitar career ha ha! OK not really but this sure is fun. Not very good but it's coming along with practice. I found a backing track on YT for "You Sexy Thing". I played along and it makes it so much easier to play than going solo. I really don't know they way the words go but I tried. This is the kind of stuff I put on my FB to entertain my relatives ha ha! They all think I;m crazy but hey, I can't look at pictures of kids for too long ha ha! Got to have some music!

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