Sunday, September 8, 2013

SART 42 Miler

I posted this weekends's ride video below in the GMR post. Mostly GMR and a little SART footage.

Decided to ride my Mr. Beans Mobile today. I ordered some spokes on line then built up this rear wheel for the bike. Wheel went together amazingly smooth. Good tension and the wheel went together in almost perfect dish. So very little messing with it other than twisting a few nipples ha ha! Legs warmed up quickly after a day on GMR but Gina did seem to tire half way through the ride. I was kind of surprised as she did very well last week but then as I posted my Garmin info, I realized last week was a holiday so we had one day between to recover. that explains a lot.  Jose rode with us most of the way but had to leave the coast early for a haircut so that gave us a chance to do a nice easy cruise back. Turned out very well. Only one tenth of  a mile slower than last week without a day between. She was tired but overall she did well!

My Mr. Beans Mobile. I had t convert to a "Z" when I went online.

                                         Is the Mr. Beans Mobile getting fresh with Gina's bike?

                                      Jose had to leave early so I took his pic before he left.;-)

                                   Jose had to leave early so I took a pic of his shoes before he left ;-)

                                        Jose had to leave early so I took his pic before he left.;-)

                                      Why would anybody want to ride an MTB on pavement?

                                                         Is there a Colnago in the picture?

                                             Summer is almost gone so I got to get it while I can

                                          Should be a commercial........Can you hear me now?

                                                                      We survived!

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