Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our Wedding Anniversary

Today was a nice day! Always nice when I think of how lucky I am to have Gina with me. 26 years together. We've lived together for 26 years and only married 9 today. This is the first year Gina forgot the exact date but I have no problem since I had the date and our names engraved on the inside of my wedding band when we got married. Yes, a 17 year engagement ha ha! Always something in the way like her sons suffering kidney failure, dialysis and many other medical problems over a period of 15 years. Thank goodness so much has been alright over the last few years with these issues and we still have a lovely family, kids and 9 grand kids!

So today we went to The Northwoods Inn. That is where I took Gina for our first date 26 years ago. Naturally we go there every year on our anniversary for lobster. I must say though, my woman has gotten more appetizing while the lobster is only Good! You know what they say about women, they age like a fine wine.

Beautiful in My Eyes was the song I picked for or wedding and she had no problems with it. Of course this is a song that describes Gina to the tee as there is no other woman that compares!

                    She says I look better in the dark after 26 years (kidding, she wouldn't be that mean to me)

                                       Yes, I still undress her with my eyes, I'm doing it now!

                                                           Still the tastiest dish in my life!

                                      Two salads and cheese bread. Mix the salads up, yum!

                                                       Lobster and Filet Mignon

                           So we weren't the only couple there celebrating our anniversary ha ha!

                                                                     I just LOVE HER!


  1. The salads and cheese bread are making me drool. Look at the size of that steak! Then the finale of dessert. With all those calories, you and Gina should be headed up GMR for some burn off.

    Happy Anniversary.

    1. Thanks and yes we did GMR. We saw you ride by the start in a small group with Matt, Bill and a few others.

  2. I am truly loved it, and it feels great to hear about your 26 years of marriage! Any way hopefully you must had celebrated your day in the best of the ways, when I got married we had booked Las Vegas Wedding venues, and now its my first wedding anniversary next week. So, also guide something for my anniversary too dear.

    1. Thanks Eli! Gina is one beautiful woman with a heart of gold so they years have been very kind. I hope you have a great anniversary celebration and marriage as well. Congratulations and wishes for many happy years to come! :-)