Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GMR Glass Bothers Me

Well I can't stand the thought of glass on GMR. Glass itself does not bother me, but the idiots that throw the bottles do. As I've said before, yes a flat riding up, ha ha you got me you butt hole but a flat going down? You idiots can seriously hurt somebody! There were two places that had broken bottles scattered across the road on Saturday's ride. Not something some idiot dropped but you could tell it was placed their intentionally. Last thing I need is an emergency room visit or worse, Gina getting seriously hurt because of some stupid dope! I enjoy my hobby but do what I can to avoid the danger for Gina and myself. The thought of that glass there just bothered me over the last few days. I had a chance to head up in the truck so I took a broom with me. Fortunately the sweeper must have went by because most of it was cleared off the road. There was still some glass here and there along the shoulder where we ride so I swept it up best I could. I went to both spots, about 3 miles up and then again at 4 miles where the idiots must hang out!

EDIT: Now that I think about it, there was a dude that used to ride his bike up with a push broom to sweep the road. I want to say his name was Bill (could be wrong). I wonder what happened to the guy.

What the heck, figured I'd make a video out of it ha ha!

Heading up there gave me a chance to check out the zoom on my new camera. Sony Cyber Shot 30 zoom DSCH200. Nothing fancy, couple hundred bucks but the zoo is cool. Much better on a clear day, this day was not clear at all but I just wanted to test it. Nice for those grandson football games etc.

Funny thing! I took a tripod that I had bought maybe 25 years ago. Never used it much so it's still seemed to be in great shape. Once I set it up, the top wiggled a bit. I fought with the red ring swivel type thing on it near the mount. Everything seemed fine but the little wiggle I couldn't get settled.  I fought with it for a quite some time. So I took the pics and when I told Gina the story, she said, "why don't you just screw that thing in right there?". Oh SNOT! Ha ha ha ha!  

                 I forgot the arrow on this one. Lil GMR and the zoom is near the end of the left side

Some dude riding up there on a MTB


  1. I had a buddy who would circle the Rose Bowl before each Tuesday/Thursday training race, reach down and pick up rocks of a certain size so they wouldn't cause someone to go down. I don't think I ever told him thanks. Anyway, I will say thanks now, for your efforts. Very cool.

    1. Thanks for the thanks Michael! Always good to hear positive feedback for things we do and I'm sure your buddy knew one way or another that other riders appreciate his efforts as well. Oh yeah, I do stop and move rocks as well on GMR rides. Gina's got a way of aiming toward the biggest boulder she can find so I got to keep her safe! ;-)

  2. It's nice to see other riders pitching in and taking care of the hazards others create on the trails and roads. I want to thank you for your efforts and taking the time to clear the road of glass and rocks. Good work Mr. Beanz.

    1. Thanks Jimbo! Now if we could just get other riders to stop throwing their Gu wrappers all over the road on GMR ;-(