Sunday, September 15, 2013

SART 9/15/13

A nice 44.5 miler with Gina, Aimee and Jose on SART. Considering the way we felt last week the day after a GMR ride, we both felt pretty good on today's ride. A good 1 MPH improvement over last weeks' average. Ran into Stranger Ed (MTBLrkr) who we hadn't seen in a long time, still camera shy! Videos later but a few pics for now. Also crossed paths with Krylon and Bad Bob...WITH A HELMET???????

                       Oh crap! I remembered his name this morning, but it slipped my mind  at this moment.                                          But he's from Oceanside. RAY, that's it! Too many Boob pics ha ha!

It's funny because when I ran into Ed at the start, he said "hey it's that guy Mr. Beanz that can't get along with anybody ha ha! Good intro into this story. Gina and I stop off at Del Taco for a breakfast burrito before we ride. Sunday as we walked up some dude kind of surprised me as soon as I got out of my truck. HEY BUDDY! Check this out!.

I look at him and he's some kind of low life looking trashy looking dude. He says look what I got but I see the goods and right away I know he's going to try to sell it to me so I say in a somewhat rude voice, "no thanks, I don't deal in that kind of stuff!". Yeah, I was rude because either the thing is damaged or stolen and from the looks of this guy, I'd bet stolen.

He gets defensive and snaps at me "WHAT STUFF? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS!". Oh it's on MOFO! I respond with "You're kidding me dude! It's an FSA crank, from the looks of it, a compact with a 50/34 ring for a road bike". Then I say I know he is going to try to sell it and I don't deal with stolen or sheot that's sold out  on the street! Now do I know what STUFF I am talking about?

He says, "No, I wasn't going to try to sell it to you, I saw your bikes and just wondered if you knew what this was or not". Oh BULLSHEOT! You were going to try to sell it an I told you, I don't deal with that sheot! So now he starts to walk away ans says" oh yeah, well I have a 1988 Bianchi and it will whip a Cannondale!". He walks into the Del Taco via backdoor then we walk into the front to order. As soon as we do, he walks out and jumps on some old beat up looking jalopy of a bike and rides away with his skanky looking girlfriend.

Wow, he knows his sheot!  A Bianchi will whip a Cannondale? He really knows what he's talking about ha ha! Maybe I should apologize knowing the engine is the biggest factor, PFFT! So Gina says, "that dude got mad when you blew his game but you looked really mad when you snapped back at him". Yeah, I told him straight up I don't deal with that sheot! He didn't believe me I guess!

Of course to show I don't discriminate, there is some beefcake footage in this video for the women. An old man in a thong. I even slowed the footage down for good viewing. He's against the sun so it's a little hard to see so look hard ladies ha ha!

                                                   Wow, that is a nice tire! Schwalbe.

                              I honestly believer that if a cyclist rides a bike in a utility type of way,
                                             two things are a must. Fenders and a nice rack!

It's a choice but I believe a cyclist should not wear anything that interferes with the hearing. Now tell the truth, if you wrapped those big things around your head while riding, you know your hearing would be muffled!

                                       My Mr. Beans mobile again, though nobody really cares!

I honestly believe that cyclist should not use the cell phone while riding! BTW, the dude had a really goofy  look on his face and I blacked out his face cause honestly, nobody's going to look at him anyway ha ha!

                                      I highly recommend against riding in swim trunks. I honestly
                                                   believe good cycling shorts are a must!

                                         They're just sitting there talking like a couple of boobs!

                                                I'm not the only one hearing voices ha ha!

                                                                     On the return

                                                               Another shot for fun!

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