Sunday, August 10, 2014

Forgot a Title Ride ha ha! Sunday

Another 36 miles with Gina on SART. Ran into SmogSteve (internet name) and his wife at the start. Have a short chat video that I will incorporate in my ride video, hopefully Mon night. I rode my Mr. Beans Mobile. Thrashed the saddle on my Madone. Strange one week I see the cover starting to peel and before I know it, the whole thing comes apart. I was riding and stood up to adjust or something. I sat back down and had this strange feeling. I was thinking my huevos had gotten like really really big ha ha! No such luck, turns out he seat cover peeled back and I just managed to sit on it!

Ron looks like a Creedence type of guy! :-P

Mr. & Mrs. SmogSteve.

                                                         Caught George on a fly by!

                                   I tried as hard as I could to drop Gina but she just kept on smiling!

                                                            The Beans Mobile

                                                       Mr. Beans Meets Chuck!

                                                             Some surfer chick

                                              I didn't really like her bike so I cropped it out.
                                              Didn't really like her face either but ................ :-P

                                                  Smog Steve rolling by the rest stop

                                                               Oh what a feeling!


  1. I passed by you guys at the bridge for Adams

  2. Ah yes! We saw you, I shouted "hey" but not sure if you heard me! :-) ....I sent a follow request on Strava but you never allowed it. :-(