Sunday, August 31, 2014

LD Weekend Sunday Ride

That sucks, video not available on mobile device. :-(

Excellent ride today! Gina shattered about 10 more PRs on Strava. My favorites come at the end of our ride. Bridge to bridge 7.4 miles, 20.1 average. 10 mile segment River Dash 19.3 average. I'd say we didn't push as hard as we could have as I was dropping back recording video footage. When I did  so, Gina would take the front and carry the troops! Other riders were saying that she looked really strong. Those mid week rides are really paying off. She did a good pace and never once called me a bad name ha ha! 36 mile ride, 16.9 average.

We had planned to do a longer ride with an old ride partner Mike but he rode yesterday and went a bit harder than he expected. Aimee hasn't been on the bike much lately so we settled for a shorter ride. Only to the detour then back to the coast. Along the way we picked up a dude Jose that Jose had befriended last week at the coast. He happened to be heading our way so as we rolled by, he hopped on the train. We ran across Christine at the start of the ride. Had a nice chat with her and her friend. Seem like lovely ladies! :-)

Gina pulling the troops. 20.1 average on this segment!

                                            Mike, thanking his sponsors and stuff! :-P

                                                                   Jose and Jose!

                    Some Summer chicks for the dudes! Gets boring but I get more blog views ha ha!

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