Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Anudder Mid Week

Another 13 miles with 1,000 ft gain. After some good distance on the weekend I suggested we do an easy ride today to spin up the legs. Gina just rolled up the hill and never seemed to lose her breath. Made it look real easy so I'm thinking she's getting some fitness back! Her average was .2 higher than last week with not much effort today!

I had a chance to ride my Madone with a saddle I had in the closet. I had bought it to try on the tandem, a Terry fly wannabe form Performance. Rode it a couple of times bu then saw a Fly on Nashbar for $64 so I sent for one. Took the Performance (FORTE) saddle off then stuck it in the closet. Now that my saddle is thrashed, I figure I'd try the Forte to see how it worked on my Single bike. Wow, the guys really think I'm far from a real rider for wearing a Performance jersey, I bet they get a kick out of the saddle ha ha ha! :-P

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