Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday Labor Day Weekend Ride

It was like summer out there he he he! Gina and I set out to do an easy cruise today. Felt good, legs tight from the Bonelli ride but overall relaxing ride. Jose rode with us and we crossed paths with Alex and Mark at the coast. Tammy and Alan stopped by also. Alan is so excited with his big white Ford truck that he said e parked next to me so that I could take a pic of it. My hearing is not all that good so I thought he said "take a piss on it". Do'h, sorry Alan (see pic below) :-P I did ride my Mr. Beans mobile today!

                I thought he said piss on it but after I was done, Gina told me he said "take a pic of it".

                                            It ain't even cold but I ain't complaining!

                                                I don't discriminate, for you older dudes!

                                            Love that set........rims rims rims! Sheesh!

                                So it they fall out, she's got that basket there to catch 'em!

                                          Very important part of cycling, the eye drops!

                                                 Oh, and don't forget the crotch check!

                                                        Peg Bundy at the beach?

                                     Check out that set!.......gloves gloves gloves! Sheesh!

                                                          Is that dude really an umpire?

                                              Is that dude really pushing her from behind?

                                                                   No comment!

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