Thursday, August 21, 2014

Local Bumps I Call The D Cup Ride

Another local ride today I will call the D Cup Ride. 13 miles with 1,070 ft gain. I have now named the ride we did on Tues the C Cup Ride. 12 miles with 900 ft gain. Take a look at the profiles, you can figure it out ha ha!

Today Gina did well, shaved 50 seconds off her climb up San Antonio. Nice and cool but pretty day. For a second there I though tit would rain, huge cloud over the sun. But once it was gone, purty day! :-P

                                                                      Gina going up!

                                                  OK, I admit it, I'm an ass man! :-P

                                                    Steep little 8 % ramp at the top!

C Cup Ride

D Cup Ride he he he!


  1. I like your hill classification

  2. Ha ha ha ha! I actually got the idea from a poster who called one of my MTB ride profiles "The Dolly Parton" ride. Since I have no idea what stars are C and D cups, I'll just label them as such for now. I think I will save the Dolly Parton label for later in case I ever start training for another organized major mountain ride doing double GMR rides again! :-P